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Epyon Adds Yet Another Call of Duty Player

Epyon Gaming Management signs up and coming Call of Duty Talent.
Epyon Gaming Management has added another solid piece to its already
loaded talent roster by signing Alexander “Rock Viper” Stoll. Rock Viper impressed
Epyon’s head scout with his amazing pinpoint long-range accuracy and his solid
When asked How Rock Viper got his insane accuracy, he said, “By grinding
since Call of Duty 4, I was eight-years-old when my dad first handed me the
controller to play Call of Duty and I was hooked instantly. I talked a lot of smack and
played with my dad’s friends while continuously dropping 60 bombs as an eight-
Rock Viper started playing Gears of War and later found his love for
competitive Call of Duty when Call of Duty Black Ops 2 hit, up until then he liked to
play with a sniper in noncompetitive lobbies.
With one of the most accurate long-range shots, Rock Viper used his talent to
win several online tournaments and placed high in LAN events. Most recently and of
great note was a second-place finish at AGN Indianapolis just behind Sib, Fire, and
another Epyon client Nightmare. 
Head Scout Kevin Young said, “I definitely fell in love with his shot. It’s the
most accurate shot I’ve seen in all my time scouting. That accompanied with his
competitive drive and ability to be versatile, I can see him growing into a big role
down the road. We have big aspirations for Rock Viper and are excited to welcome
him to the Epyon team.”

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